Saturday, December 24, 2016

Texan Accused of Smuggling, Kidnapping, Raping Migrants

This case started in Leesburg Va, or in El Salvador and ended near McAllen Tx. with the arrest of a Cartel connected Texas man who as part of an illegal smuggling of people ring would rape women passing thru his hands, and demand more money from the families of the victims, before sending them on up North. People and even Police often tend to think of the Cartels as only drug dealers, they have branched out into many other things like human smuggling. Like any criminal enterprise the people paid to smuggle the victims are paid a certain amount, in this case the stop near McAllen on the USA side of the route was handled by a Texas man who wanted a bigger share for his trouble and had a side line of raping the women he dealt with. Not that this does not happen the majority of the time, most human smugglers make the victims pay and suffer, in many cases they will be held as basically slaves, working as field hands, or cleaners, or prostitutes till the victims have paid their way to the local handler. Then in most cases they will be passed through to the next set of handlers, which could mean the game starts all over again.
from CTI Consulting

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