Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Union: Suspect with a knife charged Pharr police officer, shot dead | KGBT

Knife attacks are some of the most deadly anyone including a Police Officer will face. The FBI has given different numbers over the years, but suffice it to say you are more likely to die from a knife attack than a gun. In Police training officers are taught the 21 foot rule, that an attacker with a knife is almost impossible to stop, if, the Police Officer has not drawn his weapon, the officer can not get something between the attacker and the officer. I have been trained and trained Police and Bodyguards using a magic marker as the knife, it shows you how difficult to be in a knife fight and not get hurt. That 21 foot rule has variations if the attacker is well within the 21 feet before you see the knife and none are good. Trying to even draw a weapon when with in say 9 feet is almost impossible, the attacker will be on you before that happens. Running, getting something between you and the attackers and then going for the weapon is considered the only real way to survive the attack. Others say having a knife yourself is the way to go, but still if the attack in on the way, and only a few feet away, even going for the knife at your belt will probably be to late. Most Police trainers will tell you they can defend against a hand gun or rifle easier than a knife. As long as the barrel of the weapon is not pointed at you, it can not hurt you, not so with a knife. There are a lot of other factors that come into play, the ability of the attacker, most tests I have seen have been with convicts attacking Police Officers, and they in most cases have more than experience in attacking with a knife. Many say the type of knife is critical, but even a one inch blade on a knife can sever critical blood lines running near the surface of your body. People can bleed out in single stabs or slices with a very small knife or handmade knife often called a shank. Female attackers have often used small folding blades to attack men and other women near the groin area, with the victim bleeding out before they really realize they have been cut. Chairs and other objects have been used to prevent or at least delay knife attackers with pretty good success. Many martial arts teach surviving a knife attack, but I certainly would not bet on it working. Even trapping the knife hand often allows the attacker to move their wrist enough to cut tendons and blood flow areas of the defenders arm or hand. You can survive these, but you will usually get cut up doing it. Which is a lot better than dying from the attack, but running or getting something between you and the attacker is a better option. Shooting them is another option, and if the officer or citizen is in an area that the person can hurt them or others, should be considered justified.
from CTI Consulting http://ift.tt/2hPZG5q

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