Thursday, December 29, 2016

US v. Shnewer, Mohamad Ibrahim, et al. :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism

This is a statement from the BOP on what was found in the prisoners cell. When Bureau of Prisons ("BOP") officials further examined defendant Abdullahu's cell: they discovered that the metal light switch plate was missing a screw: and that the plate was bent and partially detached from the wall. See Govt. Exhs. C-F. BOP officials found the missing screw on the top bunk of the cell. BOP officials also observed scrape marks on the floor and noticed that the top right comer of the light switch cover had been filed down. and if removed from the wall. could be used as a weapon. See Govt. Exhs. D & E. There also were scrape marks on the floor of the cell that were consistent with the making of a weapon. The BOP officials promptly notified the FBI. Now this is not some manual they had found or a recording of a conversation, this was a switch plate made into a weapon. Now the next time you go through security at the airport or the courthouse just count the number of switch plates along the way, and this is just one thing that can be made into a knife. You sharpen one end and a corner of the plate, leave it in place with one or two screws. Then when the opportunity presents itself, you use the screw or screws still partially in place to allow you to fold over the metal of the plate to make a substantial handle, then pull the plate off the wall and the terrorist is ready to go. Now as you continue to walk down the hall from the screening check point, look for other things that can be used to make a shank or sharp blade. Mirrors are great, break off a corner piece, wrap the one end to make a handle, tape, string, the bottom portion of your shirt ripped off, all can be made into handles for the improvised blade. The point to be made here is that, this is the way the bad guy is thinking, so you need to keep your eyes open as well. In this case a prison guard noticed the wall plate had been tampered with and investigated. You need to keep your eyes open for things out of place as well. Remember just because a person went through screening, it does not mean they do not have a weapon, it means they probably have a smaller weapon, hopefully.
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