Wednesday, December 28, 2016

USA v. Cromitie, James, et al. :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism

Just so you can put into perspective what these Islamic Terrorists think of us, this is a transcript of a meeting between Jame Cromitie, who wanted to blow up a Synagogue in New York. He is talking to his friend an FBI informant "CROMITIE: I think, I think eighty five percent of the men in America is cowards. I'm sorry to tell you that, brother. If you got some friends here that's American, your friends is cowards too." Now do you want to take a load of bull from people that think of you this way. We are in charge of our own security, that of ourselves and our family and friends, be in charge. Learn what to look for in how these terrorists live and work, and yes play. Learn how to get them uncomfortable so they will leak their true intentions. Notice when you are noticed for being aware of what is going on around you, remember the only two usually aware of what is going on around them are the good guys and the bad guys. The bad guys will back off any thought of confrontation, like looking back at you for too long. Yet, as soon as they look away within 15 seconds on the outside, they can not help themselves they will have to look at your again. You are the most important person at the moment, if they are on just a surveillance run, then they normally will not be armed, they do not want their big plan stopped by a simple gun charge. But they do not know what you know, pull your phone look at it for a second and then look back at the possible suspect, he has no idea of what you are seeing in the phone, but the paranoia will drive them nuts. Now here is the bad part, the guy or girl acting suspicious could be nothing than a purse snatcher, or a pick pocket, but they will give off the same behaviors for the most part. Now a terrorist cell, he will be looking at his other men, they know not to stand close to each other that would be suspicious, no they will be a bit a part, but keep looking at each other as if to say, do you guys see this, this guy is looking at me, I think he knows something. But then he will have to look back at you to make sure he knows where you are, and then back at his team or cell. You see the same thing when illegal immigrants come into a bus terminal, or train station, they are told to not bunch up, so they are spaced out, but are always keeping an eye on the rest of the guys. So if you detect one, he can not help but tell you the rest of his group. Unfortunately teams of pick pockets have the same give away's. But they are great to practice on. Remember they think we are cowards and will avoid looking at them, that we will all act like sheep, no be aware of what is going on around you and turn the tables on them. That is part of how we win. Good practicing folks and have a great New Year.
from CTI Consulting

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