Saturday, December 10, 2016

Washington, D.C. Cybersecurity Tech Companies Are on the Rise | DC Inno

For those looking at the new year and what it could bring for them, pay attention to this career path. From everything the experts are saying cyber security is only in it's second generation, with a third an even more profitable one coming up. When I started in cyber security PC's did not exist, but soon came on the market, from market moves the next generation of computing is on the skyline, and with it will come even more new cyber security issues. Anyone looking for a fast paced and interesting field, this will probably hit all the marks. You have different areas in the field to look at, the cyber software is one, firmware could be another or mixed field, but there is still the physical security of the systems and offices that house them that are often neglected, and is a growing field as well.
from CTI Consulting

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