Tuesday, January 17, 2017

5 Awesome Illegal Uses for Alexa | Shelly Palmer | Pulse | LinkedIn

“Alexa. Tell Record-a-Call to record for 20 minutes after the phone rings.” so every time the phone rings your buddy Alexa, will record for 20 min, which other than being illegal can be used by others llke law enforcement with a warrant to order your buddy Alexa to tell them everything it recorded, like your command to record after phone rings. Or you can command “Alexa. Record the next three hours of audio from Echo Dot #2.”, and it will once again quite possibly illegal, and it also has your commands telling it to do so. I guess the next should be Alexa, can you bake a cake with a file in it., but oops that got recorded also. Alexa was picked on here, but Siri and the rest of the AI buddies are also capable of getting you in trouble, as well as ratting you out for doing so. So how do those Christmas Presents look to you now?
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