Monday, January 9, 2017

Before Florida Shooting, Guns in Checked Bags Raised Few Concerns - The New York Times

This attack was not an issue with having a handgun in his checked luggage, in fact the whole issue that he went through the process correctly points to more chances that his deviant behavior would be noticed. The bad guys have told us (and I am not sure we are dealing with a bad guy here) that soft targets are key for these minimally trained attackers we see around the world and in the US. In this case as I have taught Airport Police all over the world, the out bound baggage area is a key soft target. People often say, well lets make the place where passengers pick up bag a security area. And I think more security and cameras in the areas are a good thing, but look at the airport in Puerto Rico, only people with tickets from flights landing are allowed in the area, but just outside the doors, everyone waits for their passengers, and this is even less controllable than the baggage pick up area. Pushing people out to areas with less controls, just leads to people having less security. As far as making check weapons outlawed, anyone can bring weapons in the the baggage pick up area from their cars, so restricting checked weapons provides even less security than we have now.
from CTI Consulting

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