Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Beware this criminal activity at OR Tambo Airport

This is an interesting video to watch. You can see the subtle moves and the checking to make sure they are not being watched. Using the other man to direct any possible attention from the victim. Like a purse snatcher, the bag thief, finds a place he and his accomplice can watch the traveling public with out attracting attention. They pick a spot that has the people with baggage that is not under their full attention and or control. The spot also allows for the attacker to have a exit route that gets him out of site from the victim very quickly. If you had a detective from the pick pocket squad from almost any large Police force, he probably would have pick up on these two very quickly. The thieves on the other had would have noticed the Police as well and vacated the area. This is a great video to help train your teams on stopping crime before it happens. In CTI's Aggression Detection course this is part of what we teach. Our focus in on terrorists or other people planning violent crime, but the same detection principal is used here. If you walked on to the scene, and were aware of the two, looking around for both victims and Police, you would notice that they had also picked you out as someone that was aware. In many cases in these low level crimes the thieves will just walk away, but at a minimum they will keep an eye on you. They will not be able to help it. As we teach in the classes, if they think you are police or security, your are now the most important person in their lives. They will have to look back at you every 15 seconds or less, they can not help themselves. If there are other members of the team, they will tell you where they are as well, they will look at you, try and show they are not paying attention on the hopes that you will walk away, but when they look back at you, watch them they will also look at what their team is doing, you can hear them mentally saying to the other team member, do you see this guy looking at me what should I do. If you just watch, or even pretend not to watch, you will see his head and neck start to move in a path, from you to his team members one by one, back to you, it can get quite comical at times. Now take a step toward the thief or terrorist, and watch their world change, just a step, but to them it will seem like you are running up to handcuff them. Look at a note book or at your phone, then look back at the bad guy again, his paranoia will kick in, in his mind, is running the thought that you have his description or picture, and know all about him. As I say this is a great training video for watching the actions of a bad guy, before he ever steals the bag.
from CTI Consulting

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