Monday, January 9, 2017

Bomb Threats Prompt Evacuation of Jewish Community Centers in New Jersey, 4 Other States | NBC New York

Understanding how to deal with bomb threats just requires a little training and a set of policies than can be defended in court. I would suggest you either have the police or a security consultant familiar with bomb threats to help you develop a plan and policy for dealing with them. CTI has been training companies and government agencies on bomb threat handling and how to develop a bomb threat plan for over 30 years now. With me it started in the USSS, everywhere the President and Vice President goes Security Specialist like me had to give folks that may answer the phone training on how to deal with a bomb threat. It happens rather frequently where ever the President and Vice President goes. The training provides two things, one it helps the person that may receive a call deal with it in a much calmer manner, since one big part of the training is understanding that 90% plus of all bomb threats are bogus, and two the training will allow the person taking the call to be able to give authorities more information on how to possibly find the caller, and to evaluate to some extent the credibility of the caller.
from CTI Consulting

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