Thursday, January 19, 2017

Covering a Dangerous Risk - Risk & Insurance : Risk & Insurance

K&R insurance is gaining a larger part of a companies overseas and in some cases even domestic security program. This is a great article on the subject, and it points out you get a lot more than insurance from most companies, you get intel, you get a risk assessment of your company as well. But not mentioned here as much is that you the company and or the person covered have to have a protection plan, often not much more that a good alarm and locking system, with maybe a safe room, but if the threat is high enough, then you also must have upgraded vehicles, training in security awareness for the person and his family and staff, perhaps even weapons training and it can go as high as a number of bodyguards. In other words if they are going to insure you, then they want you protected, which to me is good business, but to many looking for K&R insurance, is not what they expected or even bargained for. Most thought they just now had funds to pay off a kidnapper. I have even talked to up and coming executives that thought their American Express Gold card provided that type of coverage to them. In many cases midlevel employees are not told much about what K&R insurance the firms has, they have found that when they get into a bar and mention how much insurance that they have or think they have the kidnappers target them. All they know is that they receive these briefings and training, and wow that is neat. If you are put on an EP team (Executive Protection) this is also a good article to read, so you know where you actually fit in the picture at anyone time.
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