Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fingerprint tech steps up -- FCW

This is very forward thinking and research into, in this case finger print biometrics, but I am sure will branch out to other biometric markers. DNA being one of the most critical at this time. Using technology to alter or provide fingerprints on items that the person never touched has been around for a while, mainly seen in government clandestine events, but is making it's way into the terrorist and plain criminal elements. Touch less fingerprinting has been around for a few years in government circles, but now has made it into the public sector. Using video even pictures of people to get their finger prints has been possible for over 5 years, at least. N2N or nail to nail fingerprints turn out to be harder to exploit but there really is no standard for the taking of the prints this way yet, but is coming, so finger print companies get ready. Back to DNA, it is an up and coming biometric marker that is getting closer and closer to be ready for on the fly determination of a person, but a number of countries have been working on ways to both mask DNS (makes it harder to get the proper data points to pin point one person from another, to the alteration of DNA, very spooky stuff. The US, Russia and others are working on this type of DNA spoofing, but Israel has had a number of high level papers published on the subject, and they have made great strides in spoofing and masking DNA samples. DARPA had the largest group of biometric testing for forensics, but it looks like a new kid on the block maybe the folks to watch. IARPA's Odin program is offering funding and testing of technologies that can mask or spoof Biometrics.
from CTI Consulting

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