Sunday, January 1, 2017

Istanbul nightclub attack: Search continues for unidentified terrorist gunman who killed 39 at New Year's Eve party

Welcome 2017 as a shooter(s) start right at Midnight to kill and wound partiers at a nightclub. One or more gunmen started shooting, some claim outside the nightclub on the street, and may have killed the only security person at the event in the first opening salvo. One that Security teams need to be on the look out, having at least one of your team detached and not easily recognizable as security can often give you the edge in situations like this. Executive Protection and Security Teams need to under stand the zero presence approach to event security as well as in bodyguard work. Zero presence security can have the advantage of seeing the bad guys, often before they act, but also allows for a response the shooter is not expecting. ESI among other Bodyguard and Event Security trainers have been moving to this approach more and more. To learn more about this type of training log on to For the normal citizen that wants to learn how to gain the edge on surviving these events, find a security awareness training class near you. Or contact CTI for a class near you.
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