Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Mechanic finds 31 pounds of cocaine hidden in nose of American Airlines plane | American Airlines | Dallas News

This is bad, very bad, 31 pounds of cocaine hidden in an area of the plane only mechanics could have accessed. If you look at the pictures it is 5 bricks of cocaine. Now if you stop for a second and change the cocaine to explosives, then you have enough to blow the plane out of the sky, with out a doubt. With all the security we have at airports, all over the world, and the higher security on any plane traveling to the USA, how does this happen and almost monthly if not weekly this keeps happening. Insider threats, in this case some mechanic with access to the plane was able to install a huge amount of drugs, but could have just as well been explosives. This is an issue that we are all still trying to get a fix for.
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