Monday, January 2, 2017

Mexico’s populist Amlo capitalises on economic woes

Could this be the change that Mexico is looking for, perhaps another Trump attempt? His words are right, the message is clear clean up the corruption and rebuild the non existent infrastructure Mexico needs. But the higher he gets in the Poll's the less likely he will live till the elections. Some say he would have to live in the US and campaign in Mexico just to stay alive. It has happen before that people running for office had family homes in Mexico, but actually lived a good bit of the time in the US, meeting with political strategists for days at a time, some of who would not venture into Mexico. He does have a native group of Mexicans that will be able to mount a physical defense of Amlo, if they can get and hold onto weapons. It should make for a very interesting 2017 in Mexico.
from CTI Consulting

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