Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Nigeria: Babies used in suicide bombings, officials warn - BBC News

Here is a another twist on suicide bombings, two women had been stopped at a checkpoint for further search and detonated their bombs then, two other women carrying babies had been let through and went on to detonate their bombs at their intended targets. You always have to think about what your biases are and how they are effecting your work, in this case, the thought that no mother would carry their babies to certain death, was a bias that got them to let the women through, but also look at the fact that two women without babies when detained for a further look detonated and killed the guards. Suicide bombers are some of the most difficult to deal with, like many security problems they do not always stand out in ways that are easy to notice. It requires very good situational awareness and a mental attitude that is always trying to keep your self protected as much as possible. Surviving a suicide bombers blast is possible, the key as always is distance even a few feet and shrapnel protection like standing behind of next to something that will shield you from the shrapnel as much as possible. Another key is not having more that one person close to the possible suspect, so if the worst happens only one individual is wounded or killed. If you are working Nigeria, remember to keep you intelligence up to speed, so that once this happens the next time they try it, your team has been warned. When the TSA was started one of the goals was to have every one working at the TSA to have new threat data as quickly as possible, this included x-ray images of suspect devices. The thought was that in As Qada type attacks the bad guys would try multiple attacks at pretty much the same time. Like the 911 attacks all had been planned to be a closed to each other in time as possible, so that the reactions of the aviation industry could not catch up in time. As it was, the plane that crashed into the field in Pennsylvania was due to the passengers on board knowing what had happen on other flights. What a lot of folks do not know is that the other planes all over the USA and the world Pilots and crews started taking actions to protect themselves and their passengers from the style of attacks used on the first 4 flights.
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