Friday, January 13, 2017

One officer brings village together to combat crime

This is an old story but it is still true, the Bensenville crime rate is the wonder of the area, which includes Chicago. When Officer Joel Vargas was brought in to build a series of community policing initiatives, the crime in the city that is very close to the big City Chicago was about the same. As the trust was built between the Citizens, Businesses, Religious organizations, and a method to empower everyone with the ability to report crime both anonymous and not, the crime rate went down quickly and drastically. Gangs the big problem in Chicago and a lot of our crime plagued cities became almost non existent. Officer Vargas is finishing the documentation of the program the Bensenville Police over the past few years. Formalizing the over 85% drop in crime and gang activity results, and hopefully will be tasked to help other cities with the program. Chicago Police had visited the little city and so far have not felt the crime reduction achieved by Bensenville would work. When a program works as well as this, you would think the City of Chicago, and other high crime cities would be at least trying it, or at least parts of it. We need fresh ideas since it is obvious the crime reduction programs used by Chicago and other Cities is not working. DOJ has a section that does nothing but analyse crime reduction programs, it would be interested to see their analysis of this one. No Crime Reduction Program is going to work in a cookie cutter approach for every city, but the principals of the Bensenville Crime Reduction Program are a great place to start.
from CTI Consulting

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