Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Passenger group seeks greater airport security

These are knee jerk reactions to an event that could have just as easily happen from a person walking off the street with a gun. Before you start over regulating again, think, something like this has not happen for over 40 years, back before there was really screening check points anywhere in the Airports. You must also remember that pushing out the security screening to the front doors will result in huge increases of people and baggage being screened. Be happy this person did send this gun via the proper methods at the airport. If nothing else it gave us another chance to deal with the individual, and if possible determine if he had a problem. Many Airport Police Officers have received training in aggression recognition and have increased their presence at the soft target areas of the airport, which is the best type of security for this problem. In this case arming TSA officers would not have helped and arming more TSA is just going to lead to issues between the LEO's Law Enforcement Officers at airports and the TSA. TSA needs to concentrate on their job of detecting weapons going on planes. Which according to the TSA Tiger teams that test them, they are not doing so well. TSA is looking for anyway to expand its staff and this is just one more attempt. This event was over in 80 seconds, and the Police got there very quickly, I am not sure what other security measures would have prevented this. Adding more security would not, nor would pushing the screening of people coming into the airport out to the entrance doors would. More training for existing LEO's and even other airport staff would be the biggest help for the problem at this time.
from CTI Consulting http://ift.tt/2if1YNs

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