Monday, January 9, 2017

Recovery continues at Fort Lauderdale airport

There is a lot to be learned from this event, one unfortunately is how to get back to operations, it is a hard part of any situation like this, but to stay closed for a min longer than is needed, lets the bad guys win. I have always admired the resolve of the Citizens of Israel to be able to put something like this behind them and to carry on. I was on CNN one night after a firebomb went off in a subway, and I was asked how to you think the New Yorker's are going to handle this, do you think subway ridership will go down. I immediately said no, New York citizens are a hardy bunch and will carry on. This was before 911 when we really saw the staying power of New York citizens was tested, and they shown through then as well. By the way Mr. Turner still owned CNN at the time and was on the phone before the interview ended letting me know my statements are just what were needed after an even like this. But still to make sure the evidence is collected correctly so that at trial the bad guy will be convicted. Lastly is a review of how the events happen and what have we learned from it. Is there anything reasonably we can do different that would stop this from happening again. Here is the bad news, this was a very rare event, and probably will not happen like this again. It is much easier for someone to come off the street with a weapon than to carry one in checked baggage. For all those folks that want to make some new law or even rule about stopping people from putting guns in checked baggage, get a life, you are not dealing with the issue at hand. We may never get the real story of why this happen, and I doubt even the shooter has a real handle on why he did it. Yes, he may say somethings, but as to what was really going on in his head I doubt he knows for real what that was himself. We need people to understand there was apparently no preplanning he just flipped. Watching one of the videos, he does not appear to show any outward sign of his impending actions, but with that said after that first shot went off any of my students would have been moving away from the situation at a fast pace, getting something, anything between you and the shooter. I often tweet out this warning, and this event makes it more true. "If you are in danger, get out, don't talk about it, rationalize it, or whine about it get out. Even a few feet away is safer."
from CTI Consulting

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