Thursday, January 5, 2017

Surprise, violent attack on an Atlanta airport officer | WAGA

Everyone needs read this Article, the Officer was armed, but hit so quickly and without warning he was trouble quickly, this Officer was armed and had been on the Streets of Atlanta prior to working the Airport assignment. Anyone can be jumped at any time, so working on your awareness capabilities, is for all of us are greatest strength for dealing with this type of incident. Probably one of the biggest mistakes made in situations like this, is to try and draw a weapon of any type gun or knives, your best move is to use your hands to react, then get back away enough that perhaps pulling a weapon is possible. Use of any martial arts training or boxing anything should be updated regularly. Chief Sullenger of the Harlingen Airport Police, has courses on specific Marital Arts techniques that can help an officer or a private citizen ward off these types of attacks.
from CTI Consulting

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