Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Want to beat facial recognition? Get some funky tortoiseshell glasses | Technology | The Guardian

Ok, these are interesting, but may have you stand out a bit. But more importantly there is a pdf report in the article with information on beating facial recognition that may or may not work, but does explain the whole process. Very good information to know, well done. CTI has been dealing with this issue for years, and then after 911 vendors came out of the wood work, I have relied on the studies conducted by the military, but even then there is a mis connect on facial recognition. If you are looking for facial recognition say in facebook, that is one thing, if a mistake is made no one is harmed. If you are looking to arrest someone off a facial recognition hit, it is a whole different issue, you need to be right. In the middle are things like access control systems that use facial recognition, it all comes down to 1 to 1 checks or 1 to millions checks. On One to One it is a person produces a access control card and the system checks your video picture to one stored in the data base, hence the 1 to 1. On the 1 to many, you walk into a room and the video cameras capture face and checks it against what they have in the data base, if there are say 20 it works pretty well. If there are say 200 not so good, if say 1 million it really gets to be tough and takes a while.
from CTI Consulting

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