Friday, February 24, 2017

Apple investigating 'exploding' iPhone 7 Plus after video of smoking handset goes viral - Mirror Online

Don't throw your phone away, but do monitor it for getting too hot at times, this can lead to incidents like this one. Technology is facing a real problem with trying to get the most it can out of as small a battery as possible. It is trend that is going to lead to more of these "exploding" electronic devices, which are not really exploding at all. New batteries have technical constraints that are being pushed to the limits, as long as everything works with in certain limits, we are good to go. But let the device get a little hot on your dash board and those carefully designed limits get exceeded. Now a battery can start to break down (usually chemically) and now the limits have been passed and we have incidents like this. Even as these very highly designed batteries get made, a small contaminate can be introduced in the chemicals or physical make up, now those constraints are even closer to failure. It has been suggested that this was the problem with the Samsung phones.
from CTI Consulting

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