Friday, February 3, 2017

Are Kubotans Legal?

After reading this, I do hope some folks step forward to let us know of legal pitfalls in using them in the USA, or other countries. This was interesting and for me very enlightening, I had no idea that a Kubotan is illegal in England or anywhere else. I would be interested to see what folks from the US say about our laws on carrying one. After training with a kubotan most users realize there are many objects that can accomplish the same effect, like a sturdy pen. In fact a number of manufactures make writing pen's that can double as a kubotan type device. There are a number of manufactures that make kubotan's in various forms, under various names, that all accomplish the same effect, but are not and do not look like the standard kubotan, I personally have a pen our company gives out to clients that has the strength to accomplish the tasks as a kubotan. It really is more the training than the device, I would think. I will end with these facts, that most people just buy kubotan's or some device that accomplishes the same task, and have never been trained on them. TSA to this date that I know of, have allowed them on flights, and there is a training company that teaches kubotan techniques using a mini mag light.
from CTI Consulting

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