Friday, February 24, 2017

Chemical weapon VX nerve agent killed N.Korean leader's half brother: Malaysian police | Reuters

Interesting assassination attack, VX is very dangerous and hard to handle safely, or I dare say it would be used more. If the attackers did rub it on his face as described, the attackers and anyone rushing to help the victim could easily have been contaminated as well. Clean up and decontamination of the chemical agent can also be difficult, and since it does not evaporate quickly it can be deadly to others to include first responders trying to help. The Japanese cult that used Sarin on the Tokyo subway, had made between 100 and 200 grams of the stuff, and had used to to try and kill 3 individuals, only one died. In this case they sprinkled it on the neck of the victim as he was walking. It was first discovered back in 1952 as was named VG, as it was found to be so dangerous not one really played around with it. It is thought the first VX,which is considered the last of the line of V series chemical weapons (at least that we know of) was first developed in 1961, so this stuff has been around for a while. Just to transport this stuff is so dangerous most would never attempt it. One wrong step or even flinch by the attacker and they can die before they even complete the attack. There are far safer ways to kill people, and some are almost as deadly if not more so, yet are not as dangerous to handle.
from CTI Consulting

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