Friday, February 3, 2017

FBI Official: Feds Can't Compete With Top Tech Companies for Cybersecurity Analysts | Legaltech News

This is an interesting statement, but with how specialized the field has gotten I can believe it. When I left the US Government it was pretty much assumed that our in house technology on most Espionage and Counter Espionage was about 10 years ahead of the private sector. Perhaps now not so much, back then the Cray computers used by NSA had the corner on speed and capability, now some Universities have comparable speeds, and China is claiming the lead in the race for computing speed. China claims to be doing it with out using any USA technology, which is a bit scary. I am pretty sure that the salaries paid to US Federal Government workers will never allow us to catch up to the private sector in the area of Cybersecurity Analysts again, so I hope we have some great contracts with the right companies and people.
from CTI Consulting

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