Friday, February 24, 2017

German secret service spied on journalists for a decade | Daily Mail Online

This all gets so stupid, she had no idea that her security teams had helped spy on these folks, right, getting source data on incoming intel, is how you keep track of what intel is more valid than another. If her folks could spy on the cell phone of our President she would, and there is nothing to say they did not, other than Snowden ratted us out, and none of her folks have. I will guarantee that they had all of Secretary Clinton's phone, Ipad communications and the rest most of the time if not all the time she was in Germany. A faction of our DIA had most of the car phones of the Soviet big wigs for years, using a great clandestine program based at Germany's BMW car plants. It went on for years, till someone exposed it during a briefing. People need to understand the history of the espionage from all sides. The Soviets had the Great Seal device in our Ambassadors office back in the 60's, they had spies in our CIA, State Department, FBI, as well as the NSA. Of course we had people in their agencies as well. The Obama Administration made such an effort to make nice with Cuba, yet Cuba provides space on their Island for spying stations to Russia, China and a host of other countries, and has for years. The Russian spy ship that everyone has worried about going up and down our coast, which is by the way a series of six ships, and China has a group of them as well, and they cruse our West Coast as well. Well that same ship was docked in Cuba while President Obama was over there, and was pulling as much signal as they could from all the communications there. The last time I looked our friends like Israel, South Korea, and France where hitting the US as hard as Russia and China. Israel's vaunted airport security in other countries have been thrown out of a number of countries for spying on anyone using their airline, copying any data they could from passengers devices, while claiming to be making sure the passenger was not a terrorist threat. They copied entire sales and marketing printed data from every commercial company they could. Installed spying software on anything they could, and did it for years, and are still doing it. They use the data anyway they can, like to steal trade secrets from firms that were competitors of their firms. One former US spy said they made France look like amateurs, this is the France that bugs all its first class lounges and seats on it airplanes, puts actual spies in with the passengers to try and get more data, once again not just weapons or government secrets, but espionage against commercial companies. France got caught many times spying against our industrial manufacture companies, in Dallas, New York, Chicago to name just a few. These were full time spies, based in the US in these cities, yet the Snowdens of the world think we are the bad guys. China has over 1800 cyber spies working against the US in just one building, a small part of a much larger spy forces based in other areas of China. The list of what they are attacking can be found from their own Government list, of course starting with military and trade, to small city administration practices, schools from K- 12 and continuing on to our higher learning schools. The hit every law firm involved in a action against them, and a lot that are not involved. The attacks from China on our Health Care systems go from Obama Care to single practice doctors, nothing is off limits. Russia is not far behind them, but they are behind them anymore. So yeah Germany is spying on us in anyway they can. Heck even Japan spies of the USA every time they can, so get over it.
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