Thursday, February 2, 2017

Guns & International Self-defense!

This is well worth the read, carrying a weapon in Mexico for instance can land you in jail if you are lucky, dead is more likely. I have carried a few time in foreign countries, but it is always at a very large risk. But Mexico is the worst, even if you some how got permission to carry a weapon, usually a letter from a judge is what most claim, you still can be stopped by Police or the Cartel and no one will care what the letter says. In one bar it is reported that a set of Cartel hit men were looking for someone, and made everyone in the bar stand up to be searched, they lined up everyone with a weapon and shot them in the head. The nearest reason we can find is that it was good business, with the armed men dead, no one could bother them as they looked for the person they wanted to kill. By the way if you are lucky enough to go to jail in Mexico, remember they have mass slaughters in their jails all the time, Cartel shooters will attack a jail or prison, and get their folks out, and kill anyone that could be opposed to them then or in the future. Please read this post.
from CTI Consulting

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