Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Inside the murky world of spies for hire

This is a very well written article and deals with something usually only Fortune 100 companies have deep enough pockets for. Espionage or Spies for Hire. Played at the highest level these companies can often out do medium sized countries, and are even used they the big guys for things they want, but do not want to risk an asset to get it. Due Diligence of companies or people a large company wants to do business with accounts for the majority of work they do, but they have other services they sell. Political types use them as they did on Trump, and Hillary to find out what they possibly can on the other guy, they also use them on their own candidates to try and ferret out anything in their background that could hurt them. People often wonder why this or that individual has not been picked for some post in a company or Government. It is often because during the due diligence on the individual something has been found that would not look good or reflect well on the company or Government. In some if not many cases the person being considered is told of what has been found and they remove themselves from consideration. On the negative side, and their are a lot of negatives in this work, knowing something bad about someone can taint what people will deal with you, If you miss something and it comes out later, it also reflects negatively on you reputation as a spy, and that can get out to the right people, and can end a career or company.
from CTI Consulting

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