Friday, February 17, 2017

My Friend Cayla doll banned in Germany as 'espionage device' - CNET

It sounds funny, but really it is a real threat, these dolls ask questions, and record not only the answers but any audio around them, and then transmit the audio as data through your router to servers around the world. You can leave the espionage device in the doll, or just take it out, and cut the speaker, now your device just records audio and sends it on. More and more of these IoT or Internet of Things devices are being used by families and businesses around the world with out anyone noticing that they in some cases are espionage devices, or can be used as espionage devices. For instance your router can act as a fire wall for intercepting malicious data coming into your home or business, but there is not much to stop things from in side your home or business network from sending data and information like your router passwords, as well as other passwords it sniffs out from your network traffic. Once your router passwords and other network information is sent out, it is pretty simple for hackers to take over your home or office, or even better yet just sit back and monitor your network traffic, to get the passwords to log into your bank accounts, travel accounts, your companies server, or even when you log into a Government server. It is all available just because you wanted to be able to buy your child one of these dolls, or had to have a thermostat that you could control from your phone at your local restaurant or Star Bucks. Both of which have unsecured routers, giving even more hackers access to your data.
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