Friday, February 24, 2017

Some Chicago gangs turning to rifles for added firepower, police say - Chicago Tribune

If you read the FBI studies on weapons and which ones are the most dangerous, a rifle always trumps a hand gun. Even a 22 round gets far more deadly when fired out of a rifle barrel over 17 inches than a handgun with a four inch barrel. 22 cal rifles have been known to penetrate some police grade bullet resistant vests. It is a factor of speed and the very small size of the bullet, which pin points it power. On the good side they are harder to carry and hide. When you get to the AK-47 it is a bigger bullet and a very high speed so has a very expanded kill zone, but most hunting rifles even cheap ones, are semi automatic and pump out very deadly rounds. Most of the gangs like weapons that look dangerous, it helps intimidate the other gangs. But most hunting rifles are just as deadly, they just do not look like it. After regular rifles look for people to start using sniper style rifles, once again, most hunting rifles can meet the needs of a sniper rifle, and it escalates the level of pure death violence in a big way.
from CTI Consulting

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