Friday, February 24, 2017

Spain arrests woman with cocaine breast implants | Reuters

This lady was caught with almost 3 pounds of cocaine hidden like breast implants, very dangerous and also a way ISIS has claimed back in 2015 that they where going to use to smuggle explosives on board planes. Please every time you hear drugs being smuggled, think if it where explosives. There are no official stat's on how many successful attempts drug smugglers have made, but data from drug busts on people that claim to have carried drugs on planes are in the area of ton's over 3 years, and if the trend holds true then only about 10 to 20% of drugs are stopped, making the possible figure over a ton a year. Pan Am 103 was brought down with around 11 ounces of explosives. Now most experts would agree that was a fluke and it would take more to bring down a plane, perhaps 3 pounds? Remember this lady with the breast implants was found after she flew not before, so it easily could have been a very tragic incident, if she had been carrying explosives. In many cases the drugs are packaged in such a way that it makes it difficult to detect them, now take that 4 to 10 pound package wrapped like drugs, and just switch it out with explosives, but tell the flight crew its drugs, or the TSA screener that it's drugs, both have been used in the past and it's pretty certain they are still being used. Pay them the 500 to 1 thousand dollars it takes to get them to bring the drugs through security, but just change it out with explosives ready to go. It is believed that this has happen at least twice in the past to kill people, by downing the whole plane. Both had been Drug Cartel hits, using people that thought they had been carrying drugs. Think about it!
from CTI Consulting

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