Friday, February 24, 2017

State Department writes anti-leak memo, which promptly leaks - The Washington Post

This has to stop, transparency is one thing, leaking internal government work product ,classified or not, is making us all less safe. Yes the President has a very in your face style, but it is effective, but not if internal work product is leaked. If you work for the US Government you are required to keep information safe and secure, even non classified work product, that is not ready for dissemination to the public, yes us. Whistle blower protection is for when something is being hid from us that could negatively effect us, not for work products that will never make it to policy level, it is just people in government testing and trying ideas, and informing each other what they are finding. 90% of this work will never make it past a first draft stage if it even gets that far. I remember sitting in court being asked what I do with business ideas people send me. I laughed and said 90+% never even get read past the first page and then end up finally being thrown away. It is the same in government as well, 90+% of the ideas looked at are never seriously considered, but to leak the documents as something the government or business is going to do, is just very wrong. The leaks are not helping, but they are hurting us all a lot.
from CTI Consulting

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