Tuesday, February 21, 2017

TSA allows JFK passengers to bypass security checkpoint - NY Daily News

This is a bad lapse in security, but look at what a terrorist plans for and a lapse like this is not it. Not all the facts are on the table yet, but if they are going through metal detectors, then they most probably where all TSA Pre check passengers, and as so by TSA standards are not considered a threat. TSA is pushing airports to take over vendor screening and exit lanes again, which is for at least the exit lanes is against a law that was passed a few years ago, when TSA summarily told the airports that they would take over exit lane staffing. The TSA received a bump in funding and a Federal law stating that the Airports would not take over exit lane staffing. TSA in direct violation of that law is pushing airports again to take over the exit lane staffing. Most airports are resisting, but some are not. It is a funding issue in that TSA was funded for staffing the exit lanes, but the airports are not. So the taxpayer is paying TSA for this staffing, but TSA wants the airports to take it over, so the flying public has to pay for the exit lane staffing again, in higher ticket costs. That is the funding issue, but liability is the next issue, the higher paid and trained TSA wants the airports to hire contract security guards to take over the exit lane staffing with less pay and minimal training, this is where are airport security is being attacked. On the one hand TSA wants to take over more and more duties at bus stations and train stations, yet they are fine with low pay security guards to take over the exit lanes at airports. As this incident at JFK points out, even highly trained TSA staff can make mistakes, but yet they want to push exit lane staffing, a known terrorist targeting method to lower paid and lower trained security guards. TSA needs to concentrate on the job assigned to them and improve their staff at airport screening to include staffing exit lanes and manning vendor screening. Throwing the liability to the airports, when they (TSA) have told us the traveling public that only they could do the job correctly, is lowering our security not enhancing it.
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