Wednesday, February 15, 2017

TSA's behavior detection program a wasteful flop - The Orange County Register

The program is not the problem it is the way it is being used. Trying to arrest people on behavior clues, is never going to work, trying to determine which people may need more careful looks at airport screening lines is a needed program. Looking to see which people maybe planning an attack before screening, like the Brussels bombers, or in the baggage pick up areas like the Florida shooter are also great uses for Behavioral Detection. You need far less certainty to look for people that should be screened more carefully, and you may scare off terrorists or bad guys in the planning stages. Every TSA employee should be taught the basics of Behavioral Detection, they are the eyes and ears of the entire TSA contingent and is one of the best security effort's we can have. I do not think the Behavioral Detection program should go away, just re directed to make the most of it. Just as every Law Enforcement Officer and all the staff at the airport should have basic Behavioral or Aggression detection training on at least an annual basis. Bodyguards are trained to use this type of detection for trying to find bad guys before they act.
from CTI Consulting

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