Thursday, February 2, 2017

What Does Terrorism Look Like on a College Campus? - Campus Safety

This is a real question, in our three highest visible Government entities the FBI, US State Department and the DOD we have three different definitions, some States have their own definitions, and then it comes down to us the US Citizen, what is terror to us, I just finished writing a piece on cancer which terrorizes many Americans as well as people all over the world. So what is terrorism to a college campus, an active shooter terrorizes campuses but normally does not fit any of our official definitions of terror. A pandemic like Ebola or other human carrier illness causes terror to all involved, but does not fit our official definitions of terror. I have dealt with kidnapping and rapes on campuses and they too terrorize both the victims and the other students, but lack the title of an official terrorist act. What we do know is that other than the official definition, things can and do terrorize our youth on campuses and we need to be able to deal with it on both the physical violence level and mental level when it occurs.
from CTI Consulting

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