Wednesday, March 22, 2017

5 Security Truisms for the Connected World

To try and slow the advance of the Internet of Things is pretty near impossible these days. But we do need to understand the vulnerabilities, each device we add to our homes, offices, even vehicles, is another vulnerability opening to the bad guys. There is not a lot of memory in many of these devices, like your refrigerator, the scales you weigh yourself in the morning, but you do not need much memory. Take for instance the refrigerator in the kitchen it uses its smarts to mainly tell you when something is wrong and does it by email, now all the bad guy has to do is insert a few lines of code (malware) that tells the refrigerator to email a certain email address, over and over again. When the bad guy gets a lot of the internet of things to email the same address, over and over that creates a denial of service attack, in other words the email address and the web and servers involved get overloaded, this is a simple attack. But take a computer security specialist that found some hackers and turned them in. They in turn used over 17 thousand IoT devices, the majority of them simple cctv cameras hooked up to the internet, that they had infected with malware to send constant emails to the security specialists email, for an added touch they sent some IoT devices to log on to his web site, and keep pinging it to keep it occupied, now the Internet company he used managed to stand up to the attack, but it drove all the other users of the provider, to have very slow internet capability and they lost money. After the third day the internet provider had to tell the Security Specialist to take his business somewhere else, he was hurting the rest of his clients.
from CTI Consulting

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