Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Airline group urges U.S., Britain to drop electronics bans

All I can say from the field is the threat is real, the solutions are evolving as the threat is analysed more. But the basis of the threat is formed on fairly specific intelligence. There as always is a risk vs reward or damage as the case maybe. A small bomb in a laptop may not bring down an airliner, but are we willing to accept the risk of people getting hurt on flight by a small bomb. Time will tell, and with the voices being raised already, perhaps the risk is acceptable. Explosive trains are a problem, if a small bomb is set near explosives that are more easily disguised but bigger that the smaller explosive can make go bang. Just a for instance, clothes dipped in liquid explosive, and then once on the plane wrapped around a small tablet of laptop could be devastating. Yes the threat is real, and yes the authorities are scrambling for solutions.
from CTI Consulting

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