Friday, March 24, 2017

Assault against border patrol agents on the rise; 179% increase since October | KFXV The Valley's Fox News

It looks like this picture is being taken from a park on the USA side at a park on the Mexican side. The human traffickers in this area are all controlled by the Cartels, and they are getting nervous that the world is going change in a big way, which will negatively effect their incomes. As in any criminal element like the Cartels, they usually react with violence, both against each other on the Mexico side and as we are seeing more and more against our law enforcement, on the USA side. The Cartels have been used to getting their way on the border for the last 5 to 10 years, and have been able to keep the human trafficking masked by the movement of people that just want to immigrate. This masking allows for many on our side to claim they are just trying to let the children across, or putting families back together. In reality the Cartels rely on the illegal movement of people across the border for both cash flow, ready mules to take over the drugs to the USA, and to keep the Border Patrol busy with the people so more drugs can make it north. In the past in was almost a rule of business that you did not shoot at or around USA Law Enforcement on the USA side, so you did not bring on the wrath of the US Law Enforcement, but as the percent of increase shows, this is changing. The Cartels feel we are already surging to stop the border traffic, so what more can we do, so it would appear a sort of skirmish type of border war is developing. Dangerous for our Law Enforcement but also for the innocents on both sides of the border. Shots fired from Mexico can reach well into small towns on the other side of the border. Since the Cartels are not so worried about innocents on our side, them firing into the USA is not really a big concern, our Law Enforcement firing back is a problem that we will have to develop answers for.
from CTI Consulting

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