Monday, March 20, 2017

Disable TELNET! Cisco finds 0-Day in CIA Dump affecting over 300 Network Switch Models

Here is a good way to start your week, go in and disable TELNET on your router, and a few other Cisco devices, come on you know how to do that. This vulnerability showed up in the Wikileaks dump last week. It has been around for a while, as are most of the vulnerabilities in this dump of CIA data. Some are blaming the CIA for not reporting the vulnerability of the Cisco Product line, but remember they want to be able to use this vulnerability against our enemy's, so telling is not a priority. As in most of the vulnerabilities exposed in the CIA Wikileaks dump, this was a Cisco error not something the CIA did, like the Samsung TV vulnerability, we have know about if for years, now, it has been reported more than a few times by this CTI Facebook page as well as on our blog at which is why the stuff was not classified on the CIA data base, it is open source information. Most everything in the CIA data dump by Wikileaks are open source and known to much of the IT world. Now go and disable TELNET on your router, or buy another router, that probably has this vulnerability or one's even more dangerous to you. It is a dangerous world out there we all need to be careful.
from CTI Consulting

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