Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Former Israeli airport security boss: electronics ban makes little sense | Reuters

Actually the ban makes perfect sense if they have detected a threat that uses electronics like Ipads, and larger laptop computers, then a ban till they know they can find them with our detection equipment is a good move. Our x-ray systems in place now can detect many devices, but a lap top computer for instance has plastic in the circuit boards that run the computer as well as many cases are made of plastic. If the x-rays being used some of these countries can not make that type of distinction then yes, travel with them should be banned from the passenger area's. As much as Israel claims a technical and training advance over other countries often including the USA, it has a pretty spotty record of detection, but it is not often allowed to be disclosed to the public, and the Press has very little pull in getting information on all the mis -steps Israel has made over the years.
from CTI Consulting

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