Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hamas Again Caught Exploiting Charities to Fund Terror :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism

Prior to the elections that led to Hamas rule in the Gaza Strip, many Fatah members worried that if Hamas won they would be able to look at the books and see how funds had been misappropriated to benefit members of Fatah. Now Hamas for all it's statements that it would not allow any misappropriated funds to get in the way from the people of the Gaza strip, it seems to be doing the same thing if not worse. Former President Carter was in the area for the elections that put Hamas in power, Fatah tried to postpone the elections, but President Carter made some plea's to let the elections continue. He felt the elections would usher in democracy to the whole of Gaza, to include the West Bank, Gaza and the lands held in Jerusalem. The PLO as the oversight group, was able to conduct fair elections in some ways in the West Bank and Jerusalem, but Hamas controlled the elections in the Strip. They have never had what even looked like free elections since Hamas took over. It has become a more communist style of governance since that first free elections, and Hamas shows no signs of letting go of power A very strict version of Sharia law has been introduced by Hamas, with their own interpretations, that favors Hamas more than any other group in the Strip. AQ when I left the strip had only 2 guys, one flag flying over the family home of the two brothers. Now both ISIS and AQ have made inroads into the Hamas led Gaza Strip. Hamas tries to control the different factions inside the strip, but many inside do not see Hamas as much different than Fatah since they have control, except stricter. So the factions often gather together and form what are called committees with high sounding names, but are nothing more than loosely developed terrorist cells that will attack Israel in anyway it can. Most of the time it works out to only firing some homemade rockets into Israel, of which only a limited number even make it our of the Strip an luckily fall back to earth with out harming anyone. Hamas, at least from what I can see hold the control over any military grade rockets, and use them when larger scale actions occur. Fatah had the same problem when they had control of the Strip, these hot heads as the Fatah leaders would call these pickup terrorist cells, would fire rockets try and kidnap soldiers, making any chances of peace talks useless. I remember arriving in Jerusalem for a meeting between Fatah and Israel defense forces, during the early evening a group of these hot heads fired off some rockets from the West Bank at a patrol of soldiers traveling outside the Bank, on Israel controlled Jerusalem land. One IDF soldier was hurt, and a quick man hunt was made by the IDF into the West Bank. This of course led to a lock down, and so only the Peace project Ambassador from the USA, and a world bank member from England and I made the meeting with the Israel contingent, so to keep the meeting going I was given the role of the PLO Fatah side of the meeting. Hamas was thought to have more control of the hot heads, and did for a short time, but the hot heads are now making life harder for Hamas than they ever did for Fatah, plus Hamas does not like to look like they do not have control of the hot heads and often will take credit after the fact, to make it look like they are in real control. Most of my contacts have fled the Gaza Strip for the West Bank and beyond, leaving Hamas in total control of the Strip. Life for those I still can reach inside the Strip, is much harder under Hamas than it ever was under Fatah, but with no vote or representation it is not likely to change. If you watch every tyrannical regime through out the world work, it is pretty much the same, using scams they get elected and then impose controls over the people so that they can never vote to get out of the problem of Hamas.
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