Friday, March 24, 2017

Hikvision begins to sell video security kits geared for small, mid-sized businesses | Government Security News

It is interesting that Government Security News, would be running this article, since some Governments including our own, are putting warnings on the use of any Hikvision products. Cameras being a major part of the problem. Here is a quote from IPVM a major player on the use of cameras and camera systems. "China runs an advanced cyber spying program against the United States and other Western countries. Having millions of Hikvision cameras inside foreign networks is very valuable for Chinese government spying. Hikvision already has the worst track record in video surveillance for cyber security breaches." Hikvision also sells its products under other names, even some very well known Security Companies in the US re-brand Hikvision products for their low end sales. Buyer beware they are cheap, but come with a possibly very large price to your privacy and security.
from CTI Consulting

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