Friday, March 24, 2017

How safe is your connected gadget? Consumer Reports will start ranking them based on security

Consumer Reports should be applauded for this effort, they actually may set the standard for security of these Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Consumers to date have not gotten a lot of support on the security issues involved with these devices, ranging from Thermostats, Refrigerators, Bathroom Scales, and of course CCTV cameras, door locks and the such. Privacy is one issue, but actual security of your bank accounts, payment systems for your mortgage and even your electric bill are all available via these devices. More devices are coming on the market with some level of security options, but most of the original devices had no security on them. It has actually become a national security issue, with so many of these devices already infected with bot's or very small programs that can be controlled remotely to mount an attack on a Bank, or even the DOD's servers, it could well be part of a major attack plan from a hostile country. China has provided back doors into many of their products, that really can not be shut down, yet have an over 85% market share of inexpensive CCTV camera, and gaining a over 50% market share of all inexpensive cell phones being sold in the US and around the world. If Consumer Reports just let their readers know the problems with these devices, our security would be in a lot better shape. That is just the devices set up for attacks, now take all the innocent IoT devices that just have flaws in their software, that hackers can exploit. When you have to be cost effective to beat the other guy in the market, paying for software controls for your device becomes more expensive than the device it self, so are often not implemented, or not well implemented. Another factor is the ease of use of these IoT devices, they have to be easy to install or consumers just will not buy them, so most are set to be able to install with out any real computer knowledge, which once again brings in dangerous cyber vulnerabilities. So I am going to be watching to see how this new program unfolds here in the near future. Wishing Consumer Reports the best, this is a needed service, and one not many other companies out there could pull off.
from CTI Consulting

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