Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Kidnapping has not gone away, but is growing into the biggest service industry for the bad guys. People need to understand that it is hitting people in the medium income more and more. The big ransom demands are still going up, but there is a whole new team of kidnappers out there where 10 to 30 thousand demands are the norm. You say well I am not in that bracket, these folks know your equity in your homes, how much you can sell the family care for, and even know the lenders and sellers that will make the deal. 2 weeks is a very long kidnapping to these teams. Three to five days in a norm, even 4 to 8 hours can be seen. Probably first noticed as a growing problem along the Mexican border, it is now happening in Massachusetts, California, of course NY and Chicago, but in little towns outside the big cities even Montana. Not noticed as much as they should since the victims families or small businesses can get the money together quickly and for the most part the event is over quickly as well. Going under the names of express kidnapping, or various others, it may have started and is still used today, that you just say your going to kidnap someone and demand or extort the money, or even pick someone up at a bar and drive them around to ATM's till the accounts are drained. But along the way these kidnappers have found the express kidnapping works oh so much better if every once and a while you do actually kidnap the people. This keeps the idea alive that the threat is real, and keeps the victims paying. Reporting these kidnapping attempts or extortion attempts to the FBI is the quickest way to end the problem. But most do not.
from CTI Consulting

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