Monday, March 27, 2017

Internet-Connected Medical Washer-Disinfector Found Vulnerable to Hacking

This is a great article for explaining what the larger problem with IoT hacks. When you first read this article a lot of people say who cares if they hack a washer disinfection machine, what could the hacker get, the last time the washer was used. But that is the great misconception, the hackers just use the device to get into the servers on the same network with the washer. Like the IoT cameras hit by hackers, yes they can get the video the camera is seeing but more importantly the hackers are now into your business or home network, once there they can get into everything on your network. Yes the hack attacked the washer, or the camera, or the thermostat, but it really attacked you network assocated with it.
from CTI Consulting

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