Thursday, March 30, 2017

Internet of Things, Social Media Becoming Part of E-Discovery Landscape -- Campus Technology

Now when e discovery requests come in, you need to take a much broader view of what it can cover, like that device that listens to what you say in your home to turn on radios or change the heat is also listening to a lot more of what you are saying and also recording bits of it. As this report states: There is a lot at stake for firms that are not ready to respond quickly and appropriately to e-discovery requests, it is not only firms, but house holds as well. Now what can e-discovery do to you on the divorce, you are going thru, what did you say in your social media, what did you say around that smart TV or even Smart Refrigerator that may have been captured by its recording device. It is a brave new world, are you ready for it. This is a very well written piece on the basic issues we may all face.
from CTI Consulting

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