Thursday, March 23, 2017

ISIS claim responsibility for London terror attack after British-born terrorist kills three and injures 29 - Mirror Online

Security teams need to be ready for management to ask how they can deal with the vehicle running down pedestrian issue. CTI has been providing clients from airports to court houses, and a lot of corporate building, as well as parks and shopping malls with solutions for mitigating the problem. One thing you can do right now is see what the cost of renting or buying Jersey Barriers, as well as installation is in your area. Then look at the availability, plastic water filled barriers are a good backup, but for longer term reinforced concrete should be considered. Bollards are also a good solutions, but buyer beware, CTI has analysed quite a few of them, some are more dangerous to use than not, but others are scientifically designed, and usually cost either the same or even less than some offered. If you need help in design or installation issue, please give us a call, we can reduced your research time.
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