Monday, March 20, 2017

Man killed at Paris airport planned to 'die for Allah': prosecutor | Reuters

The facts are just being released on this attack. it was reported earlier that the shooter had taken a gun from another policeman that had pulled him over, now we see he used an air-gun to attack the first officer, and shoot up the bar next. He then went to the airport and tried to take the assault weapon away from the female police officer, and we shot by other officers when they saw the opportunity. The Famas assault rifle he tried to take off the female officer is a bullpup design, made in France by the Government. If he had gotten hold of it, this story could well be very different. It fires a 5.56 bullet, with either a 25 or 30 round clip. It does not look planned at this time, which is somewhat worrying. To stop these shooters we need have an idea of what they are going to do, as most terrorist attacks do.
from CTI Consulting

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