Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mining Threat Intelligence From the Dark Web | Recorded Future

Here is a simple reason you may want to at least explore the entrance to the Dark Web, If your organization is breached, and sensitive information is stolen, there’s a strong chance it will show up on the dark web before you know an attack has taken place. Interesting statement and also very very true. Many organizations and companies have no idea they have been hit till the problem is in the news. Just keeping a eye on some of the Dark Web market places could give you the edge on heading off a problem or perhaps at least see what people are paying for your information. Yes the Good Guys do try and keep track of people going down this rabbit hole, but if you are not doing anything illegal then pretty much no harm no foul. This is a very well written report on an area, not much are writing on. Good learning,,
from CTI Consulting

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