Monday, March 27, 2017

MS-13 gang leaders puts out hit on ICE agent assigned to crackdown - NY Daily News

This is dated, but is happening more and more, police gang squads are being targeted as are their families. It is hard enough for these Law Enforcement Professionals to do their jobs with out these gangs putting hits on them. Yet still we have sanctuary states cities towns, universities that want to protect these gangsters. Police are being confronted by these gang members on a daily basis, and they constantly are being threatened by them gang members to try and get them to not do their jobs. The kids around them are starting to try and act like the MS-13 members, seeing that the Police would rather ignore than deal with them. Just so you do not think this is just in LA or along the border, both Northern Virginia and Montgomery County Maryland are having huge problems. Two kids that would not work with the gangs where chased down and killed in Montgomery County Md. one of the richest counties in the USA. They, the MS-13 have invaded the High Schools as well as the Jr. High and to some point elementary schools. In many cases it did not start at the schools, it started at the low income housing projects targeting any kids not accompanied by a parent, which is most of them until the Parents come home from work. In these up scale communities with scattered low income housing projects, the Police are not assigned to control them, so the gangs do. It fosters a growing criminal element that hold many of these projects in virtual control. This is nothing new for these gangs, this is how they work in their home countries to the point the government to include the police have to negotiate with the gang members as to who controls what areas of the projects. When the gang members arrive here, they immediately try and continue business as usual.
from CTI Consulting

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