Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Putin critic gunned down in Kiev street | Daily Mail Online

I am watching the Paris attack at the airport against the Police officer and this one. You never want to second guess the person being attacked, but we all need to have a better awareness of what is going on behind us. We can all become distracted for a period of time, but developing a good sense of what is going on around us is something we all need to work on. In times when you are not working, try practicing. Close your eyes and listen and feel what is going on behind you. Turn on a single speaker or even a metronome to provide a sound behind you. Now turn just your head very slowly and pick up where the sound is coming from, now turn you body and to the same thing. Your hearing is usually just as good as a blind persons, but they rely on it more so they are constantly practicing. We need to practice as well, and do not forget the other senses, like the vibration on the floor as the person approaches, or the compression of the air as they approach, or the smell of the people around you changing. And lastly keep an eye on the people around you to see if they are alarmed in some way, by the person moving up on you. The mirror of the parked car even the reflection off the windows. Scientific American had a great article on our 6th sense, and how science thinks it works. Mainly it is our subconscious taking in information from all our senses, even ones we do not use consciously and feeding us the information showing up as premonitions or gut instincts, what ever. Practice helps make those senses more effective, which just maybe will give you the pin prick of a feeling something is not right. It can't hurt give it a try, it may save your life. .
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